Oneshot #12 


For Whitney

S/N: I wasn’t sure what type of dancing you meant so I tried to put both types in hahahaha :) x

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i don’t know the proper format for this so here goes. holla

pairing: louisxgirl
warnings: none i’m lame i don’t write smut oops
word count: 1366 (i know it’s short i hope the others will be longer)
chapter: 1/??

→ Louis is the school’s bad boy. Countless detentions, suspensions and near expels litter his permanent record, not to mention more than a few run-ins with the law. With his sexy tattoos, mysterious demeanor and older-boy charm, he’s a hot commodity for the prudish ladies of Manhattan’s premier private high school. He sees them all as his own personal toys, thinking nothing of them as his respect for women decreases rapidly. That is, until a new girl shows up at school…

okay yeah enjoy :) feedback is super appreciated yay

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He leaned against the brick wall of the back of the school, smoke tendrils escaping from his lips as he eyed each and every girl that walked by. Some winked at him as they passed, a knowing look in their eyes, hoping that their previous time spent together would mean something to him. It didn’t. Others clutched their books tightly to their chests, avoiding his gaze as though somehow just his gaze could strip them of their virtue. It couldn’t. The remaining girls would feign indifference, but would cast sly glances towards him, committing his image to memory as if he might disappear. He wouldn’t.

 He smirked to himself, taking another drag off his cigarette, crossing his legs at the ankle. They all had different ways of showing it, but they were all interested, and he was well aware. His name was Louis Tomlinson, and he’d been a senior at Manhattan’s premier private high school for 3 years running. He was a drug, alcohol and sex addict, and he didn’t give a shit about women’s rights. The female population consisted of slabs of meat, only meant to be chosen, consumed and thrown away. But none of that seemed to matter. For most girls, it heightened his appeal. He was an exotic sort of thing in the midst of prim and proper boys who had earned their way into private school as opposed to Louis, who had paid his way in.

As he perused the wide array of girls at his disposal, a certain busty girl whose uniform was much too small for her curvy figure made her way over to him, pressing her body against his as she plucked the cigarette from between his teeth and leaned in for a tobacco-tainted kiss. His lips responded automatically, moving roughly against hers and he placed one hand on her hip and the other on her ass, giving it a firm squeeze. She moaned pleasurably as he tugged on her bottom lip with his teeth, pressing her cigarette-holding hand into the brick wall behind them as she slipped her other hand under his shirt and down into his pants. He immediately let go of her and pushed her body off of his.

“Not now, Cassidy,” he growled through gritted teeth as he snatched his cigarette back. She was the closest thing he’d ever had to real girlfriend, but in reality she was nothing but a little fun on the side to him.

She jutted out her bottom lip, which was overdone in a too-bright shade of pink lipstick, into a pout and whined, “Why, baby? You know my hand jobs are first rate.” She winked, and walked her fingers over the collar of his worn-out leather jacket, but he pushed her away once again, putting the cigarette to his lips, inhaling deeply.

He turned his gaze away from her, staring mindlessly off into the distance for a few moments before returning his eyes to hers. They were cold. She flinched. She knew what was coming. “Because quite frankly, Cassidy, you’re irritating me.” He rolled his eyes. “Don’t take it personally, sweetheart.” His last words dripped with sarcasm. She heaved a sigh and turned away, swaying her hips as she walked as if that might pull him back in. It wouldn’t. He didn’t even notice. He was in a particularly foul mood, his head pounding from the seemingly never-ending mood swings. Sometimes, the girls weren’t enough for him. He needed a stronger source of pleasure, one that might be found in a woman as opposed to a girl.

Cassidy had come to know what to expect from him. She was likeminded of Louis, looking near or above her own age in a partner, but she’d become so desperate for attention that she’d done nearly anything to please him and to keep him close. No one could’ve gotten that close to Louis without a serious lack of self-esteem and a willingness to do anything. That was one of the main reasons Louis had wanted to go to such a prestigious school even though he had nothing to gain academically, never having been the studious type. That, and the whole inexperienced-schoolgirl thing was a turn-on for him. The uniforms helped. His filthy rich father had agreed, thinking it would turn his “good-for-nothing loser of a son” around. It didn’t.

The bell signifying the end of their temporary freedom rung, and Louis took his time making his way back in. He took one last drag on the dying cigarette before stomping it into the ground and kicking it aside into the accumulating pile with the sole of his dilapidated old black converse.  He was late to his first class. Detention after school. He shrugged, uncaring. As usual, he didn’t pay attention during any of his classes, instead spending his time sexting various girls in the very same class as he blasted Muse’s “Feeling Good” through his earbuds. It turned the whole debacle into a kind of movie scene for him. Looking around the class, he was thoroughly amused by their reactions. Every few minutes, a shocked gasp would break the near dead silence of the room, and Louis would smirk, chuckling to himself. Or a girl would readjust her position, crossing one leg over the other at the thigh, for obvious reasons. He gained more pleasure from their discomfort and shocked demeanors than he did from the act itself.

Finally, the last bell sounded. The school day was over, and Louis due for yet another hour-long detention session. As he reached the dreaded room, he swung the door open carelessly and leaned into the doorframe, one leg crossed over the other.

“Good afternoon, Miss Collins,” he said easily. “You look lovely today.” He spread a small smirk, making his way into the room.

She rolled her eyes, taking her glasses off and setting them on her desk. “Oh, come off it, Louis,” she replied tiredly. She pulled the clip out of her tightly done-up hair and shook it out, revealing its true length.

“Haven’t you missed me?” He cocked an eyebrow, grinning cheekily as he threw his empty binder onto a desk. He took a step closer to her.

She raised one of her own eyebrows in return. “Need I remind you that I see you every day?”

“How sweet of you to remember.” He spread his grin a little farther, winking as he took another step closer. He had a quality to his voice that could charm the pants off of any girl he pleased, and he used it to his full advantage. ‘Miss Collins’ was actually only four years older than him, having been a senior when he was a freshman at the very same school. They’d hooked up within a week of his arrival, and he’d never let her forget it.

He trailed his eyes over her amazingly figured body and she sighed lightly, trying to make a big deal of it, though they’d both known she’d give in. “Just shut the door.”

He kicked it shut with his foot and moved in for the kill, kissing her hot and heatedly as he threaded his fingers through bright red curls. She kissed him almost as urgently in return, never having been able to keep up with him. He moved his hands slowly down her neck and shoulders, stopping at the first button of her blouse and undoing it with practiced hands. After he had unbuttoned it, she shed it like a second skin, kicking off her heels as she stuck her hands down his back pockets. He pressed one hand to the small of her back, holding her body close to his and used the other to rid the desk of any obstacles. He slid his hand up her skirt and her hips bucked, a soft groan of satisfaction escaping her lips. He grinned, loving the effect he could have on women. She was breathing heavily, feeling her way into his pants. He lifted her up onto the desk and slowly laid her down, kissing down her jaw line and neck, pressing his teeth down into all the right places with a hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. 

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One shot #11

For MyChelle :)

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Zayn one-shot!

For Kaitlynn… :)

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ermahger i just want u to update ur fanfic gurl oh my gawd i lurve it

ermagerd tank u sew much


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Requested Harry One-Shot :)

For Alyssa (anon) :)

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Requested Louis One-Shot. :)

For Laynie :) 

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When are you going to update? I love your fanfic!

Haha omg thank you!

Soon, I promise! Just as soon as I stop being a lazy ass and write my one-shot requests :)

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One Shot for Courtney (harryisasexymofo) with Harry

Sorry it took so long! :c

For Courtney

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can you help me please? This may sound a bit air head but for fanfictions hoow do you add the links like a link to chapter 1 inside the page? If that makes sense..

Join the club. I’m the biggest airhead I know. 

  1. Go to customize
  2. Click on your Fanfic pageeeeeeeeeee
  3. Type like “Part One” or whatever
  4. Highlight it, and click the insert link thingy were the bold, italic, strike through, etc are.
  5. copy and paste the link from the chapter one post and add a title and open settings, etc.
  6. save page! :)

Let me know if that helps x

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